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Find the answers to the questions you have about McDonny's Traveling Farm in Derry, New Hampshire. The helpful staff at our mobile petting farm is always willing and able to answer any questions you might have about our animals and services. Don't see your question below? Feel free to email or call us at (603) 437-5172.

How  Many  McDonny's  Staff  Members  Are  Provided  For  My  Event ?
3 Staff members will be provided to help set up, watch over the children, and clean up.

Where  Do  Your  Animals  Come  From ?
All of the animals are our personal family pets and live together on our farm. The safety and well-being of our animals are always one of our primary concerns.
How  Much  Space  Does  the  Petting  Farm  Need ?
Our petting farm can set up in any space from a 2-car garage up to a wide-open field. We bring child safety pens for each of the different types of farm animals. This allows the children to safely play and interact with the animals of their choosing.

What  Is  the  Best  Age  for  a  Petting  Farm ? 
Any age! We have had children as young as 6 months interact with our animals all the way up to grandma and grandpa.

Is  There  a  Mess  Involved ?
No need to worry; we clean up all of the messes so you don't have to.

When  Do  You  Arrive ?
We normally arrive 10–15 minutes early to set up and start on time.

Are  You  Insured ?
Yes; we are fully insured!

 Contact McDonny's Traveling Farm in Derry, New Hampshire, with questions you have about our petting farm. No Refuns  /  Credit Only